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Modern world digital nomads enjoy the freedom to work while they travel (or travel while they work, depending on how you look at it), with flexible hours and a location independent lifestyle. Whether it’s backpacking or jumping from one short-term rental to the next, this group rely on finding interesting spots suited for working on a laptop. Inspiration is often drawn from cool coffee shops, friendly local communities and destinations offering a distinct culture and laidback lifestyle. And of course, fast Wi-Fi access is a must! Free yourself from your same old routines by moving your virtual workspace to these exciting destinations.

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Combine work and travel in “Chiangkan”, a serene destination well suited to all digital nomads next to Mekong River. Soak in the pleasant Northern Thai weather in a nice cafe while getting stuck into the day’s tasks. And when you’re not working, take a leisurely bike ride around the town, stroll down the walking street, enjoy the view of Mekong river and try some of the delicious local cuisine. Ample accommodation options are available, including charming wooden guesthouses from where you can head out in the morning to make merit with sticky rice — the traditional way. Boost your productivity while enjoying the traditional life in Chiangkan.


Khemarat-Nawaengjiad Cultural Tourism Community

Ubon Ratchathani

If you are looking for a quiet place to work in some relaxing surroundings, Ratchathani’s 200-year-old “Khemarat-Nawaengjiad Cultural Tourism Community” is the place for you. This land of Mekong civilization will help your ideas flow. After work, you can enjoy the local lifestyle, visit Tham Pra Sila Temple Museum, and admire the sandy shores of Mekong river. Get productive while having fun with some local activities when you’re away from the screen.

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Ban Bang Plub Community

Samut Songkhram

Explore the peaceful surroundings and lush nature of “Ban Bang Plub Community”. Visit ecological agricultural attractions and learn about inspiring local wisdom – and indulge in rich seasonal fruits. Bike around the community or take a sightseeing boat trip along the canal before getting back to work in your own private homestay. This tranquil community will definitely help you get your work done while away from big city life.

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Koh Talu, Bang Sapannoi District

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Open-minded digital nomads will love “Koh Talu”, a delightful little island off the coast of Prachuap Khiri Khan. The white sandy beaches and clear water wait as a tempting award after a day’s hard work. Go diving, enjoy tasty local food and find a cozy nook to catch up with your tasks. Admire the island, breathe in the fresh air on the sandy beach under the shades of the coconut trees. It’s easy to travel around the island with a laptop and let your creativity flow as you chill out as if it were your own private paradise.

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Koh Munnork


A digital nomads’ paradise, “Koh Munnork” is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand that offers privacy while the chance to work in the middle of nature. With the blue sky above, white sandy beach, emerald green water and a cool breeze in front of your bungalow, this is an ideal place to get your tasks done. During a break, enjoy walks through the quiet, natural surroundings or head out for sunset to refresh your mind — ready to deliver more great ideas.

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Koh Chang


Free-spirited digital nomads can deliver work from anywhere in the world… just as long as there is internet. Chill out on the island of Koh Chang, where the sea is clear and the beaches are white. Soak up the often-untouched nature and work in a serene atmosphere as the waves lap at the shoreline. Snap some photos under the coconut trees, jump in the sea for some snorkeling, look for new ideas, enjoy the lights at night and get ready for working in your own million-dollar-view room.

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Photo Credit: ท่าจีนริเวอร์โฮม บ้านหุ่นไล่กา สุพรรณบุรี

Tha Jeen Riverhome, Ban Hoonlaika

Suphan Buri

Digital nomads cannot miss “Tha Jeen Riverhome, Ban Hoonlaika”, a homestay-style resort that features colorful vintage houses — an ideal place to work thanks to its quiet and private atmosphere (keeping your workflow steady). Snap some photos with scarecrow figures during a break, enjoy food at the pier, breathe in the pure air and relax in the middle of the field.

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Photo Credit: FB hhon cafe

Hom Cafe


Head up north to “Hom Cafe”, a simple, minimalistic yet trendy Lanna-style cafe by the city canal in Lampoon. There is a small garden where you can concentrate in the fresh air with the cafe’s signature drink in hand. The homemade brew will refresh your mind and keep the creativity flowing. And there’s no need to worry about your connection as the cafe also offers fast internet.

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Photo Credit: Geukma

FFlat White Cafe


Find peace of mind at “Flat White Cafe”, a small cafe made for working. The cafe is lightly decorated in a white, clean, minimalistic style, making your work process feel like a breeze. There is also a cool photo corner and adjoined “poshtel” accommodation with rooms potentially available. Work efficiently with their free internet connection that offers fast access in every corner.

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Koh Samui

Surat Thani

Digital nomads definitely should visit the popular holiday island of Koh Samui, a paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. Work while taking in the view of the sea and cool breeze, sip a drink on the beach and unleash the creativity. When you’re not working, head out on a fun diving trip, discover panoramic views, and try the island’s tasty food.

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Koh Payam


The far-flung island of Koh Payam is certainly worth the effort to get to. Digital nomads can work here gazing across the clear water, soaking in the view of the beach, mountains and greenery in the distance. Work efficiently in a quiet setting and concentrate in a peaceful and refreshing place. Samui is easy to navigate and difficult to get bored of, which is great news for digital nomads looking to stay a little longer.

15 แพรกหัวเต่า โฮมสเตย์ _Credit FB แพรกหัวเต่า โฮมสเตย์

Photo Credit: FB แพรกหัวเต่า โฮมสเตย์

Praek Hua Tao Homestay


Treat yourself a little work getaway at “Praek Hua Tao Homestay”, where you can enjoy privacy in a new office surrounded by nature. Unwind with the sound of flowing water – helping you to concentrate and boost your productivity in this peaceful and natural setting.

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