Foodies, brace yourself, because we diving into Thailand’s incredible culinary scene – with these select destinations giving you a taste of local delicacies, classic street food and legendary restaurants, some of which have been operating for decades. Get ready to eat your way across the country, savoring the diverse (and sometimes rather spicy) flavors as you go.

1.ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อตุ๋นเจริญพาณิช สาขา 3 Credit-FB ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อตุ๋นเจริญพาณิช สาขา 3

Photo Credit: FB ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อตุ๋นเจริญพาณิช สาขา 3

Charoen Panich Beef Noodles (3rd Branch)


If you’re in Loei, don’t miss out on a trip to “Charoen Panich Beef Noodles” (3rd Branch). When it comes to this favorite Thai dish, this is the real deal, guaranteed by their many successful branches. Feel the meat melting in your mouth from the first bite, with the rich flavors combined in options including “kao lao” mixed soup, hot pot, beef rice or boiled meat. Their special soup that is so rich you won’ need to add any condiments – plus you’ll get a good fill at a reasonable price.

7.ร้านอาหารชาวประมง Credit-FB ร้านอาหารชาวประมง

Photo Credit: FB ร้านอาหารชาวประมง

Chaopramong Restaurant


Foodies should definitely give “Chaopramong Restaurant” a try in Chaiyaphum. It’s actually one of the most famous spots in town, offering both classic Thai and local signature dishes that’ll make you want to keep coming back for more. Our recommendations are their fire-grilled prawns served with seafood dip, spicy salad with fish, spicy tomyum with fish, steamed fish roe, stir-fried spicy fish, boiled fish and spicy shrimp salad. All simply irresistible!

8.สามแยกแซ๊บ Credit FB สามแยกแซ๊บ

Photo Credit: FB สามแยกแซ๊บ

Samyaek Zaap


Located right on the corner of the block, “Samyaek Zaap” is a little treasure for food hunters in Chaiyaphum. Their popularity is reflected through the crowd visiting the place every day and are also known for quick and friendly service with a good variety of dishes that never fails to impress. Recommended dishes include their chicken, which perfectly fried until crispy yet still soft inside, fried pork belly served with a delicious dip and papaya salad with rice noodles.

10.รักษ์คันนา Credit FB รักษ์คันนา

Photo Credit: FB รักษ์คันนา



Take a well-earned break from city life and enjoy a dose of nature at “Rakkanna”, a small restaurant in the middle of the green fields of Kanchanaburi. Taste their signature noodles which you can enjoy with clear soup, seasoned soup or classic tomyum. Sit back with your legs hanging over the vast rice field while enjoying the greenery. Indulge in the tasty dishes and capture the view with your camera to keep the moment forever.

11.ตำลั่นทุ่ง ร้านส้มตำกลางทุ่งนา Credit-FB ตำลั่นทุ่ง

Photo Credit: FB ตำลั่นทุ่ง

Tum Lantoong, a Somtam Place in the Rice Field


Experience the fresh and zesty taste of papaya salad at “Tum Lantoong”, a farm-style papaya salad and coffee spot where you can admire a 360-degree view of the rice field and mountains in the background. Their menu offers a wide range of Isan food and refreshing drinks, with the highlight being the well-seasoned papaya salad that’s simply a must-try.

12.สำรับกับข้าว Credit FB สำรับกับข้าว1

Photo Credit: FB สำรับกับข้าว1

Samrab Kabkao


“Samrab Kabkao” is one of Chainat’s most famous Thai restaurants that food lovers cannot miss. The restaurant is located by the river, offering tasty dishes and relaxing atmosphere (confirmed by local word of mouth). Relax in the riverside garden, feel the breeze and savor some of their fresh fish and local dishes like freshwater snail curry, fried fish with garlic, stir-fried baegu leaves with egg and much more. A five-star experience for foodies!

14.ตลาดน้ำสามอำเภอ Credit-FB nuhouy

Photo Credit: FB nuhouy

Sam Ampoe Floating Market

Samut Songkhram

This little restaurant is set in a shophouse by the canal at “Sam Ampoe Floating Market”. Explore a whole new world while trying traditional Thai dishes that are enjoyed by both the local community and visitors from outside. In fact, you’ll find that food is sold everywhere along the walking path here, as well as from the many vendors fresh from their boats. During your visit, do not miss trying at least one of the traditional, and very irresistible, Thai desserts.

16.เสบียงนา Credit-ช่างภาพสายเพ้อ

Photo Credit: ช่างภาพสายเพ้อ


Suphan Buri

Take a breather while enjoying quality food at “Sabiangna”, a cute restaurant housed in a spacious cottage in the middle of the field and next to a natural pond. Take a seat either at the table or the bar as you tuck into various a la carte dishes and beverages, including a wide selection of noodles, cold drinks and desserts. Plenty of photo opportunities are available too, such as next to the windmill and the wooden bridge.

18.ร้านปูจ๋า ท่าแฉลบ Credit-FB ร้านอาหารปูจ๋า

Photo Credit: FB ร้านอาหารปูจ๋า

Pooja Tachalaeb


When in Chanthaburi, don’t forget to give “Pooja Tachalaeb” a visit. This 40-year-old restaurant’s signature dishes are deep-fried crab meat, tomyum soup with coconut milk and shrimp, stir-fried crab with lime, stir-fried spicy fish and clams. Get ready to stuff yourself!

19.แม่ คูซีน Credit-FB ร้านอาหารและกาแฟ แม่ คูซีน

Photo Credit: FB ร้านอาหารและกาแฟ แม่ คูซีน

Mae Cuisine

Samut Prakan

Breathe in some fresh air in Bangpu and explore a world of delicious food at “Mae Cuisine”, a new seaside restaurant housed in a stylish and contemporary wooden building surrounded by trees. The must-try dish here is the rich steamed crab, served with seafood dip. Their homemade herbal drink will impress you, too, as will the other items on the long menu.

20.ระเบียงทะเล Credit-FB ระเบียงทะเล

Photo Credit: FB ระเบียงทะเล

Rabiang Talay

Samut Prakan

Apart from seagull watching by the sea, make sure to stop by “Rabiang Talay”, a waterside restaurant with a view to match. The restaurant is housed in a relaxing Mediterranean-style white wooden building where you can enjoy dishes like seafood tomyum, fried prawns with tamarind sauce, stir-fried clams with sweet chili, and stir-fried squid with a salted egg sauce.

24.ขนมเส้นหม้อดิน ลำพูน Credit FB ขนมเส้นหม้อดิน ลำพูน

Photo Credit: FB ขนมเส้นหม้อดิน ลำพูน

More Din Café


When in the northern province of Lamphun, make time for lunch at “More Din Café”, a spot that serves traditional claypot-baked rice noodles following an authentic Lanna recipe. The soup is simmered in a traditional clay pot with condiments, tomato and pork rib soup – a taste you simply can’t find anywhere else. They also offer authentic northern dishes like khaosoi with fresh vegetables and spicy salad. Overall, this is an authentic restaurant with friendly prices, generous portions and a stylish modern setting.

26.ครัววันดี (ลำพูน) Credit FB ครัววันดี (ลำพูน)

Photo Credit: FB-ครัววันดี ลำพูน

Krua Wandee


Any day is a good day in Lamphun if you’re dining at “Krua Wandee”, one of the town’s most beloved traditional restaurants. Savor the authentic taste of their lineup of traditional northern dishes, which include the interesting ant egg soup, snakehead fish soup, jackfruit soup, eggplant spicy salad, hanglay curry and much more. The restaurant is located next to the pretty Ping River and also specializes in healthy recipes made with fresh, selected ingredients.

30.เฮือนใจ๋ยอง Credit-FB เฮือนใจ๋ยอง hueangjaiyoung อาหารพื้นบ้าน

Photo Credit: FB เฮือนใจ๋ยอง hueangjaiyoung อาหารพื้นบ้าน

Huean Jai Yong

Chiang Mai

Enjoy slow life in Chiang Mai and get your fill at “Huean Jai Yong”, a traditional restaurant housed in a 2-storey classical Lanna building. Food is served on the ground floor that’s well decorated with an array of vintage items. Highlights on the menu include steamed meat and ant eggs wrapped in banana leaf, eggplant chili paste, northern-style sausage, minced pork spicy salad, pork soup and many more classic northern dishes. Free rice noodles are served on certain days, with vegetables included.

31.ข้าวซอยแม่มณี Credit-FB ข้าวซอยแม่มณี

Photo Credit: FB ข้าวซอยแม่มณี

Khao soi Mae Manee

Chiang Mai

No trip to the north is complete with indulging in at least one serving of khao soi (yellow curry noodles), and one of the top places to try this famous dish is “Khao soi Mae Manee”. What sets their khao soi apart is that it’s cooked in a coal stove, making it extra flavorful and meat super succulent. The thick soup is infused with rich aroma while homemade pickled cabbage and sweet chili dip complement the taste of the coconut milk-based broth.

46.เนินเขาวิวทะเล Credit-FB เนินเขาวิวทะเล

Photo Credit: FB เนินเขาวิวทะเล

Noen Khao View Talay


For panoramic views, fresh air and great food all wrapped up into one venue, look no further than “Noen Khao View Talay”, a traditional restaurant atop a hill overlooking a Pang-nga Bay. Recommended dishes include their wing bean and shrimp salad, spicy seaweed salad, spicy salad with fried snapper, deep-fried chicken wings and many more freshly-cooked dishes.

38.ตลาดหน้าศาลเจ้า Credit-FB ตลาดหน้าศาลเจ้าสุราษฎร์ธานี

Photo Credit: FB ตลาดหน้าศาลเจ้าสุราษฎร์ธานี

Shrine Market

Surat Thani

After a lap of Surat Thani’s “Shrine Market”, you’ll probably be so stuffed that you’ll need to do a few more just to digest! Experience this evening walking street with numerous stalls selling savory and sweet delicacies, such as grilled squid, pad Thai, noodle wrapped in banana-leaf, as well as various local goods. These may only be street-side stalls but the food is just as good – if not better – than most restaurants!

40.สุธารส Credit FB สุธารส ติ่มซำ

Photo Credit: FB สุธารส ติ่มซำ

Sutharos, Surat


A modern dim sum restaurant that foodies must visit, “Sutharos” offers a variety of breakfast dishes for hungry early risers. As well as dim sum, you can order pan-fried eggs with toppings, bak kut teh, toast with minced pork, pork satay set, congee, fried pork with dice, fried buns, blood pudding soup, bitter melon stew with pork rib, or toast. Over 40 different dim sum dishes, cooked with original Trung recipes, are also available. From the long menu, the highlights have to be the delicious dumplings and steamed buns.

41.เมาเลบ้านดอนริมคลอง Credit-FB เมาเลบ้านดอนริมคลอง บุฟเฟ่ต์ทะเลเผา

Photo Credit: FB เมาเลบ้านดอนริมคลอง บุฟเฟ่ต์ทะเลเผา


Surat Thani

“Maolay” is one of the best spots in town when it comes to fire-grilled seafood. With its buffet offering seafood from both seas (the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea), seafood lovers should definitely give this place a try. While prices are affordable quality is still excellent. Everything here is cooked fresh and ready to eat, including grilled prawn, crayfish, salmon, different kinds of crabs and clams.

42.ร้านถอดรองเท้า Credit-reviewpromote

Photo Credit: reviewpromote

Tod Rongtao


This quirky restaurant is housed in an old wooden house, giving the impression that you’re eating in somebody’s home. They serve traditional, outstanding Southern Thai dishes, such as stir-fried bitter bean and shrimp, fried soft-shelled crab with garlic, stir-fried baegu with egg, orange curry with snapper, spicy squid salad and much more. Don’t forget to take off your shoes (“tod rongtao”) before you come in!

45.ขนำคอฟฟี่ Credit-FB Kanam Coffee ขนำ คอฟฟี่ พัทลุง

Photo Credit: FB Kanam Coffee ขนำ คอฟฟี่ พัทลุง

Kanum Coffee


Who says there aren’t any chic coffee shops in Phatthalung? “Kanum Coffee” is a relaxing spot surrounded by rice fields, with breezy air blowing by. Enjoy the pleasant mountain view as you sip your hot or cold coffee (or tea) while on the wooden bridge or at the cottage. You’ll be amazed by the surrounding view, perfect for some social media snaps. Kanum Coffee has some tasty savory and sweet dishes available, too.

37 ไก่ย่างวิเชียรบุรี_121193938

Wichianburi Grilled Chicken


Foodies from all over love the legendary “Wichianburi Grilled Chicken” restaurant, widely-known for its perfectly grilled chicken that has crispy skin and juicy meat. The chicken has been served at “Ta Pae Grilled Chicken 2” for over 50 years and is complemented by a tangy dip and other fresh-off-the-kitchen local dishes cooked using local ingredients. The aromatic fragrance of the spices are best enjoyed alongside other dishes, especially papaya salad.


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