Why follow others when you can escape the crowds and follow your real interests? Journey to quieter, less-visited places, where you can curl up and read a book in the midst of nature, enjoy charming community art and culture and take a deep dive into the very essence of each new destination. These trips will bring out your unique artistic side and enhance your perspectives, with the chance to visit museums, admire 100-year-old architecture, shop at classic markets, venture through nature and, of course, sample the intriguing local cuisine at every stop along the way!


Ban Sing Ta Old Quarter


Hipsters can’t miss the Chino-European art in “Ban Sing Ta Old Quarter”, a former prosperous commercial district that reached its former cultural peak thanks to a French influence many years ago. Memories of the charming old days still linger along the streets. Enjoy the simple, quiet life in this old town where you can still see traces of the fascinating Chino-Portuguese architecture that will remain for long in your memory.

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Kaeng Chom Dao

Ubon Ratchathani

Gaze up at the stars and the moon at night while relaxing in the middle of nature. Snap some cool photos as if you were traveling through a totally different exotic country – with photo opportunities around every corner. The area of “Kaeng Chom Dao” is lined with several hundred meters of stone beaches and islets, forming unique natural structures that captivate the imagination. Get lost (but not too lost) amidst the complex of cliffs and crater-like structures as fresh water gushes through.

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Sab Yai Turbine Field


Hit the road again as you make your way to see the amazing “Sab Yai turbine field” in Chaiyaphum province. Admire the untouched nature and breathe in the fresh air as though you were perched high up in the mountains. Enjoy the view of tapioca farms, greenery and meadows lining the roads that are dotted around the landscape, with the backdrop of 136 giant wind turbines scattered across fields and gardens. It’s certainly a magnificent panoramic view – one from which you can draw new inspirations and perspectives on this unique part of the country.

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Photo Credit: Kanchanaburi Center

Emcharoen Art Gallery


Kanchanaburi’s “Emcharoen Art Gallery” is definitely one for the art lovers, with this space featuring an excellent selection from artists around the country. Art classes for children are arranged here, with the gallery surrounded by rice fields and the cool riverside air. All forms of art are well-conserved and kept – from paintings to poems and pieces of writing. Art-loving hipsters will definitely love this one.

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Photo Credit: เพจ คลาสสิคคาร์ คาราวาน

Classic Car Caravan

Chai Nat

Chai Nat’s unique yet still relatively quiet “Classic Car Caravan” is Asia’s first standardized campsite for with motorhomes, which visitors can see all beautifully lined up. This caravan-style resort is built on a spacious green space, with a giant rain tree providing some welcome shade as well as surrounding rice fields making you feel all the more closer to nature. Various activities are available – including goat and rabbit feeding, dwarf horse riding, peacock spotting and there’s also a restaurant and café to keep you happy.

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Photo Credit: กินเที่ยว เลี้ยวมา


Samut Songkhram

Travel back in time to revisit the life of a Thai folk music legend. Those who love old, nostalgic folk music will love “Baankru-eur”, a museum exhibiting works of Kru Eur, a prominent musician, singer, songwriter and founder of the legendary band “Suntharaporn”. The museum is located in an old wooden house by the canal in Amphawa. Suntharaporn’s entire discography can be enjoyed here along with some of Kru Eur’s personal items such as musical instruments, clothes, antique furniture and rare photographs. Visitors can snap some of their own photos, listen to the music, read and take in the tranquil atmosphere.

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Photo Credit: Chainuntdata

100-Year Talad Kao Hong

Suphan Buri

Soak up the fresh atmosphere in Suphan Buri amidst the green rice fields as you head to a small alley lined with old wooden houses. Here, you’ll find the “100-Year Talad Kao Hong” market right next to the Tajeen River, a spot where the legend of Ban Kao Hong still lingers. Chill out while shopping for vintage items, snacks and traditional dishes in a peaceful atmosphere. This traditional riverside community is another charming place that normally falls under the radar of most local and international tourists.


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Samut Prakan

Nothing beats escaping the busy city life by heading just across the river to Bangkrajao, the so-called “green lungs of Bangkok”. Enjoy the fresh air amidst the lush green forest next to Chao Phraya River. Day-trippers can relax and explore a new way of living; try cycling around the area, visit community learning sites, shop at Bang Nampueng market and stop by at some of the cafes and restaurants dotted along the green-lined paths throughout this impressive location.

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Photo Credit: Readthecloud

Yoosuksuwan Museum


Prachinburi’s quirky “Yoosuksuwan Museum” houses unique forms of art and is surrounded by beautiful floras. Upon stepping into the museum, you will be amazed by more than 10,000 lamps hanging all over the place – these traditional-style lamps have been handed down from the local’s grandparent generation. Other artifacts exhibited here giving you a sense of the past include silverware, earthenware and antiques.

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Chantaboon Riverside Community


Photographers will adore “Chantaboon Riverside Community”, an old community by the river in Chanthaburi commonly known as “Ban Lum”. The traditional lifestyle of the Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants in the early Rattanakosin period is still reflected in this former commercial and economic hub. Start from the foot of Wat Chan Bridge, walk down to Talad Lang Community to see the port and traditional houses and shops dating back almost a hundred years, and check out the intricate wood carving featured in the architecture, well-conserved for us modern-day travelers.

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Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge


This is a not-to-be-missed attraction is great for history lovers who can soak up the artistic atmosphere as the sun goes down across the water in Tak province. “Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge” was built to celebrate Bangkok bicentennial in B.E. 1982. It connects Mueang Tak and Pa Mamuang on both sides of Ping River. The bridge was once used for bicycles and motorcycles but is currently only used as a pedestrian bridge where visitors can enjoy the vibrant light decoration at night. The city’s 1,000-lantern Loy Kratong Festival is also hosted at this historical site every November.
also available. Pick up some interesting local knowledge and try some tasty traditional dishes at the same time.

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Phuket Old Town


Phuket is the most popular destinations in Southern Thailand, welcoming millions each year (mainly thanks to its beaches). For an alternative to the sun, sea and sand, head to Phuket Old Town, with the compact city center showcasing a long history of the island’s prosperous old days. Admire the Chino-Portuguese buildings, a perfect combination of eastern and western architecture, and snap some photos next to the eye-catching street art. Cool down in a cute café as you sip some coffee and taste local delicacies. Rent a peranakan costume to fully blend with the cultural heritage. And lastly, don’t forget the weekly walking street where you can shop for artistic souvenirs, enjoy a live performance and grab another bite to eat.

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Photo Credit: FB โหล่งฮิมคาว

Loang Him Kao

Chiang Mai

Enjoy the slow life in Chiang Mai, one of Thailand’s most hip destinations, and visit “Loang Him Kao”, a small art community that gives you the chance to learn about the unique northern culture and traditions. The community started out as a group of art lovers who wanted to share their culture and handicrafts to others. Now, you’ll find a collection of shops selling handmade items, local products, crafts, tie-dye clothes, woven clothes, bags, accessories, coffee and food. Experience the true Loang Him Kao lifestyle while admiring unique arts.

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Photo Credit: widsawa.com

Pattalung Street Art


Art can be found almost everywhere in Thailand, and this southern province is no exception. “Phatthalung street art”, depicts the charms of local attractions, culture and lifestyle that effortlessly captures visitors’ imaginations. Several photo spots, both hidden and not-so-hidden, guarantee some lively, colorful photos to keep you inspired to travel even more.

22 Street Art เมืองพังงา_Credit Hello Phang Nga 365

Photo Credit: Hello Phang Nga 365

Phang-nga Street Art


When it comes to photo ops, the stunning province of Phang-nga offers more than just turquoise waters and towering limestone cliffs. In town, get your camera ready as you browse the collections at the chic “Pang-nga street art”, a new landmark for those who love photography. The colorful paintings on the buildings transformed by graffiti artists have become one of the best photo spots in town. It’s difficult to ever get tired of this artistic district, with these unique graffiti paintings sure to bring a smile to the face.


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