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Time to get out of your comfort zone! Explore exciting parts of Thailand while taking on new challenges in these dream destinations. All you have to do is pack your bag and go! Adventure to the northeast, soak up the rich northern culture, dive into the sea off the southern shoreline and enjoy the community life in central Thailand. If you’ve never done it before, you’ll soon realize how fun and rewarding it is to travel on your own while meeting new friends along the way.

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Khua Noi

Ubon Ratchathani

Say goodbye to your comfort zone and hello to the fascinating “Khua Noi” community in Cheetuan Village. Stroll along Khua Noi bridge that goes stretches across the field connecting neighboring communities. Enjoy the fresh air and authentic community life in the middle of Ratchathani’s green fields.

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Longing for the freedom of being your true self? Solo female travelers should definitely visit “Prangku”, an important, well-preserved historical site in Chaiyaphum. Marvel at the grandeur and mystery of Khmer architecture and experience new adventures. Keep an eye out for the large stone-built structure that radiates the strength, courage and history of the region.

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Pilok, Itong Village


Take some time to unwind and maybe even get to know a little bit more about yourself amidst endless mountain ranges at “Pilok, Itong Village”, a legendary former mine. Revive your soul at this little village that promises fresh air, friendly locals and a lush surrounding forest that mists up when temperatures drop. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will stay with you for good.

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Sappaya Old Town Community


Women who enjoy spending time by themselves will love exploring “Sappaya Old Town Community”, a chic, eco-friendly tourism destination. Have fun strolling around the town, taking photos in front of the oldest police station in Thailand, tasting local delicacies (in a foam container-free market) and shopping for organic agricultural products.

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Ban Namchiaw


Explore a seemingly unknown world in this new community and unwind in the tranquil atmosphere at “Ban Namchiaw”, a seaside cultural “OTOP” community surrounded by a lush mangrove forest and a flowing canal. Enjoy fun activities like boat riding and learning about the fisherman life – with the chance to go searching for clams and mussels.

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Cultural Street


Leave your old self behind and explore a new self at “Lampang Cultural Street”. Explore, eat and shop in a traditional setting. Souvenirs, handmade goods and traditional snacks are readily available. Slowly the freshly cooked food coupled with live music under the shade of trees while admiring the city wall.


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Lampoon Walking Street


Head up north to the heart of the country’s old Lanna kingdom. A highlight of the town is the weekly “Lamphun Walking Street”. Revive your soul here, where nights are extra bright and colorful. Shop for food and various goods at this northern-style market.


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Ban Kang Wat

Chiang Mai

Get to know Chiang Mai as you soak up the retro atmosphere at “Ban Kang Wat”, a complex of 13 individually decorated concrete-wooden houses. There is a small library where you can relax at your own pace, a coffee shop for chilling out and plenty of shopping options for some handmade souvenirs. This is a top spot for those who love some me-time (without the need to wait for anyone else!)

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Yomjinda Street


Looking for a more simple form of happiness when traveling? “Yomjinda Street” is definitely your place. This old street that runs alongside Rayong River is home to interesting historical sites that tell intriguing stories of the area. Stroll around the quiet neighborhood and enjoy traditional food, drinks and the distinct local vibe.

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Khao Sok National Park

Surat Thani

Why stay home when you can visit the stunning “Khao Sok National Park” – where you can breathe in the fresh air in the most unspoiled forest in Thailand. Marvel at the wonderful million-dollar view of flowing water, forest and mountains lit up by the sunlight. Hike through the lush green jungle and enjoy adventuring across the hills.

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Talaynoi Community


For many people, exploring the world is an essential part of their lives. Pack your bag and take in the beautiful nature at “Talaynoi Community”, a quaint spot full of smiles and bursting with local culture. You’ll be inspired to get to know yourself as you spend a night or two in a homestay, learning all about the local way of life. Collect lotus stems while on a boat trip, look out for water buffaloes and visit the local “bridge of happiness”. Talaynoi has everything to offer – all you have to do is make your way south!

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Khao Tapu and Khao Pingkan


Fall in love with the beautiful nature of the surrounding Andaman sea in Pang-nga province – with the blue sky and crystal-clear water, this is everyone’s dream destination. Now is your opportunity to stop dreaming and actually go out to explore sites like “Khao Tapu and Khao Pingkan”, a nail-shaped limestone monolith from where you can see two cliffs leaning against each other (Khao Pingkan). Just the breathtaking view alone is worth the solo adventure!

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