Don’t let something like age get in the way of good times and adventure – after all, it’s only a number! Spend quality time with your favorite people, explore new places, and spice up your life with exciting new experiences throughout Thailand. Discover these select destinations and attractions that offer everything from city tours, temples, shopping, galleries, stunning natural spots and more.

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The City Pillar Shrine


Go on a merit-making tour in Isan. Along the way, you’ll visit the City Pillar Shrine, one of Yasothorn’s must-visit holy sites; admire the perfect combination of Thai, Chinese and Lao architecture along the streets; and enjoy the City Pillar Shrine Festival with its vibrant atmosphere and cultural performances promising unforgettable memories.

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Pratat Chaiyapoom Temple


Another not-to-be-missed attraction in Isan is “Pratat Chaiyaphum”, an impressive temple that features magnificent architecture full of Isan heritage, including intricate sculptures. Prove your youthfulness by walking up to the hilltop where you can pay respect to the pagoda housing Buddha’s relics and admire the scenic backdrop of pink blossoms from wild Himalayan cherry trees.

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Thaka Floating Market

Samut Songkhram

Shopping lovers shouldn’t miss “Thaka Floating Market”, a great place to pick up a range of items and food both on and next to the water in Amphawa. Experience the canal life and shop for handmade crafts. Tuck into some traditional boat noodles (which can be found served straight from a boat) and relax with a cup of coffee in one of the many cute little cafés. Make the most of this quality time out with your loved ones.

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Banana Farm


“Banana Farm” is a great new attraction in Kanchanaburi that will help boost your mental energy. Chill out with a hot or cold drink under the shade of a tree or enjoy some healthy dishes freshly made on-site and free of toxic-free ingredients. You’ll get to learn about self-sufficient agricultural practises, as well.

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Mallika City, 1905 A.D.


Travel back in time as you don a traditional King Rama V era outfit, the type of which used to be worn in Kanchanburi’s Mallika City around 1905. Learn about life along the Chao Phraya River in old Siam. Snap some cool photos next to the white city wall and enjoy playing some fun traditional games. You can also indulge in some old local dishes just the way noble ladies used to do in the past.

8 Monsoon Valley Vineyard 1_Credit-FB-Monsoon Valley Vineyard

Photo Credit: FB Monsoon Valley Vineyard

Monsoon Valley Vineyard

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Check-in at “Monsoon Valley Vineyard”, the first and only vineyard in Hua Hin. Surrounded by mountains with an area over 1,000 rai, here you can enjoy fresh grapes and while posing next to all the plump, delicious fruit along the way. Try something new with a wine-making session – this involves treading on the grapes to make a juice that’s then fermented into wine. This is certainly another not-to-be-missed place.

12. New ดาษดา แกลลอรี่

Dasada Gallery


Feel the romantic vibes at “Dasada Gallery”, Prachinburi’s kingdom of flora. Relax as you admire the colorful flowers at full bloom, attend a flower arrangement workshop and taste some homemade flower ice-cream. There’s also the chance to head out onto the small lake on a boat with the lovely flower orchard in the background.

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Ride on a Thai Gondola at Salakkok Bay


There’s no need to go all the way to Italy to experience Venice’s iconic gondolas. Instead, head to “Salakkok Bay” that sits at the shores of a quaint ecotourism community on the island of Koh Chang. You’ll be surrounded by more than 600 rai of mangrove forest as you float by on a gondola boat with your friends — think Venice, Thai-style!

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Chak Makrut Agricultural Community


“Chak Makrut Agricultural Community” is an agriculture-oriented attraction teeming with tropical fruit trees. Enjoy a fruit buffet with your group; head out to pick fruits directly from the trees (which you can buy at a reasonable price) and stuff yourself at the fruit orchard!


Uncle Dej’s Tea Plantation

Chiang Mai

One of the best places to savour a relaxing cup of tea while enjoying Northern Thailand’s nature is definitely “Uncle Dej’s Tea Plantation”. Enjoy hot tea among the sea of clouds and mist and snap some photos by the terraced tea plantation. You can even stay in one of the on-site houses that boast panoramic views of the plantation – the perfect place for a peaceful night’s sleep and fresh air in the morning.

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Kad Kongta


Do as the locals do at “Kad Kongta” cultural street, Lampang’s traditional weekend market lined with Chinese-Lanna buildings, shops and houses, all of which reflect the local lifestyle. grab some street food, venture into galleries and soak up the lively market atmosphere.

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Raksa Warin Hot Springs


Be amazed by Ranong’s “Raksa Warin Hot Springs”, a natural attraction with sulfur-free water rising up to the surface through craters. Treat your skin in the middle of the riverside atmosphere full of greenery. This spot offers a new experience for many health-lovers.

18 ตลาดน้ำประชารัฐบางใบไม้ _Credit-FB-ตลาดน้ำประชารัฐบางใบไม้

Photo Credit: FB ตลาดน้ำประชารัฐบางใบไม้

Bang Baimai Floating Market

Surat Thani

Chill out at “Bang Baimai Floating Market” on this trip south. Shop and relax while soaking up the lively atmosphere that comes with the traditional Southern Thai lifestyle. Have a coffee sitting next to the canal, visit the market for delicious snacks, see a traditional craft-making demonstration, and take some photos next to the community’s old houses. In the evening, there’s also the chance to go looking for fireflies around mangrove apple trees.


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